Danse + Théâtre

Festival TransAmériques

Motion Graphics

Festival TransAmériques (FTA) holds its dance and theatre festival each year, based in Montréal. This particular year's theme dealt with Death. An incredibly striking photographic direction developed by my colleague Alexandra Nolot, sought to depict a typically dark subject matter with dreamy, optimistic approach — subjects ascending into the sky, with the background in focus, not the foreground.

This piece of motion served as the online and broadcasted promotional material. I was supplied with still images from the campaign shoot, and briefed to storyboard and build a motion piece from these.

The wider campaign case study can be found here. I recommend taking a look — it is a beautiful piece of work.

How much is mine?

All photographic style and direction was developed by Alexandra Nolot. I was simply handed a few folders of jpgs and tasked with finding additional material and turning it into something that moved.

Big ups:

Alexandra Nolot
Art Director
Nikolaos Lerakis
Creative Director
Maxyme G Delisle
Francois Belanger
Audio Composition


Bronze | Live Action / Animation | IDÉA Awards (Quebec) 2021
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