For Itchy Scratchy Pets


Brand Identity

Pet Dermatology is an incredibly niche and highly regulated profession in Canada, with only a few licensed practitioners across the entire country. We were approached by Dr. Becky Valentine to develop a brand identity for her new clinic, Petderm, as she set out to alleviate the discomforts of not only pets, but their owners too. As wait times to see a pet dermatologist can be up to six months long, it can cause a mountain of stress for owners as they watch their little buddy itch and scratch away.

With this in mind, we developed a brand system with a key proposition of ‘Comfort’ — though less through saying the word, but instead by showing Petderm understands and can empathise with discomfort.

The life of this identity — the illustrations — created by and embodying the raw, visceral motion and feeling of scratching. Treated then with a cool, soothing colour palette and a soft, approachable brand typeface, come together to form this wonderfully playful and unique brand, with all the reserve you would expect from a highly qualified team of veterinary professionals.

How much is mine?

Under the direction of my Creative Director, I developed the core concept, illustration style, and tagline copy.

Big ups:

Keli Pollock
Creative Director
Lyndsay Wasko
Miranda Thorne
Account Manager
Diana Prymack


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