Conceptual Chicken #1

KFC New Zealand

Interior / Environmental Brand Design

Saturday was approached by long-time client Restaurant Brands to develop the concept for its new Fort Street location in downtown Auckland, New Zealand.

This was a first for KFC in New Zealand—it’s first downtown urban location and its first ever location without a drive-thru. Generally, the KFC drive-thru makes up about 70% of sales, so without one this store needed to be a place that encouraged and invited a great in-store dining experience. It also needed to stand up to the high calibre of trendy fast-casual dining options nearby.

Other agencies had tackled this brief, all creating great work but none being able to really bring to life the essence of KFC’s unique brand within the space. Saturday chose to zero in on KFC’s most iconic—Colonel Harland Sanders himself. Who else has a founder with such a personality? The Colonel became the focus of the inside space, as a large mural sprayed onto brick, with the exterior maintaining the clean white and black of his classic suit.‍

How much is mine?

I was brought in at a later stage in the process of this project, developing the exterior appearance and details including the placement and type of signage, white tiling, and neon.

Big ups:

Ivan Angell
Creative Director
Graham "Mr G." Hoete
Mural Artist
Material Creative
Interior Designer
Rachael Hickman
Account Director


Finalist | Environmental Graphics | Best Awards 2017
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